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Quitting smoking can be tough. Vaping is a way to quit cigarettes by getting nicotine with fewer of the toxins that come from burning tobacco. You get to stay social, spend less, and once you’ve quit smoking you’ll feel better for it.

Medical Cannabis

Is Medical Cannabis right for you? Medicinal cannabis is cannabis prescribed to relieve the symptoms of a medical condition, such as epilepsy.

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Are you a doctor? Find out what you need in order to prescribe plant based medicine. Are you a pharmacist? Find out about the process of dispensing plant based medicine.

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Native made the process so easy. I just answered a few questions had a consultation and received my prescription quickly. They made it all seamless. I will definitely be using their services again.

Rachael B

The law changes made things very daunting for me but I didn’t want to go back to the smokes so when someone suggested Native I thought I would try it. I was so surprised at how supportive and helpful they were, they gave me all the information I needed. I will be recommending Native to my friends who are trying to quit.

Janette C

Getting a Nicotine prescription was essential to my wife and I quitting smoking we tried without and it just didn’t work so without Native we would still be a pack a day smokers. I recommend Native to anyone trying to give up smoking.

Rob T

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