Medical Marijuana Market to Expand by 2024 as Projected

The United States – Report shows projections that the medical marijuana market will expand further by 2024. It had a value of $8 billion back in 2018. Now, it has a fast pace from 2019 to 2027. As per the report, the international medical marijuana market had an $8 billion value back in 2018. There’s […]

Martha Stewart and Canopy Growth Introduce CBD Products

NEW YORK, The United States – It may have been a long wait for this line, but Martha Stewart’s cannabidiol goods succeeded in collaborating with Canopy Growth Corporation. Stewart has been known as a lifestyle professional, a TV luminary, and at the same time, an American businesswoman who joined Canada’s corporation in February 2019 as […]

Jay-Z Starts Up His Own Cannabis Line, “Monogram”

Musician Jay-Z has officially entered the marijuana industry, launching a new cannabis line called “Monogram.” On October 23, the award-winning rapper unveiled the new brand “Monogram” and shared that, according to a press release, the brand means to “redefine what cannabis means to consumers today” through “careful strain selection, meticulous cultivation practices, and uncompromising quality.” […]

New Zealand’s Rejection of Marijuana: A Result of Misinformation?

With the US Elections revealing a landslide of approving votes for legalizing marijuana, New Zealand was the opposite. However, the results were close: 48.4% voted in favor of the Cannabis Legalization and Control Bill, while 50.7% voted against it. According to the London Free Press, Dr. Fiona Hutton said the “no” vote on New Zealand’s […]

CARES to Explore Marijuana Value and CBD for Anxiety

CALIFORNIA, The United States – Irvine Departments of Emergency Medicine and Informatics, along with the University of California and Wholistic Research and Education Foundation, present CARES for marijuana users around the United States or the US. CARES is an investigative survey getting millions of marijuana and CBD users around the country. The target is to […]